Sell Online

Sell Online

We are interested in working with the artists at the Shirt Factory to help you sell your products, art and services online. We are working to make it easy to get started for all shop owners who are interested. Please contact the Shirt Factory for more information about this new online store.

Sincerely, Billie Jean

Artists are already setup with an account:

If you have reached this page and are ready to edit your store hours and add products, please reset your password or login. You can use this account on the app or website.

How it works

  1. The Shirt Factory has setup a shop account for our artists.
  2. Login to start your online shop and add products, shop hours, pickup/delivery and store policies for returned items as well as Paypal info.
  3. You get an email notifying you that an item has been purchased. It includes customer information to fulfill the order.
  4. Payments are collected from the store by The Shirt Factory. Payments less credit card fees are paid to you via Paypal. 

Get the app – coming soon

Soon you will download the Shirt Factory App to add products using your phone that will appear on the website for sale.

Add products and store info

Store owners can add products on the website now. Set shop hours and add products. To start, reset your password to login to the dashboard. Ask us for more information.

Sell Online

Payments are collected by the Shirt Factory. We distribute payments via Paypal, less a small commission to cover credit card fees.

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