2021 Tenancy Application for the Shirt Factory

A few things you should know before submitting an application.

Please complete the application and we will be in touch if something matching your needs becomes available.

  1. Our studios range from 150 sq ft to over 1,000. Rent varies depending on the floor and studio size.
  2. Each floor has at least one public, shared restroom. Very few studio have private restrooms.
  3. Each studio has a separate heater with it’s own thermostat. We do not offer air conditioning.
  4. Rent include lights, electric (with few exceptions), heat, and use of the garbage and recycling dumpsters in the parking lot.
  5. We do not offer phone or internet. Several studios work with Spectrum and Prime Link for these services.
  6. Studios on the first floor are in a designated retail area, these studios are required to maintain minimum hours Thu, Fri, Sat 12-5pm.
  7. The building is securely locked between 5pm and 8am. Each tenant is provided with their own entrance keys and may access the building 24/7 (with the exception of two days in November and one day in December). When accessing the building after hours, tenants are responsible for ensuring the entrance is locked behind them after entering.
  8. Each tenant is required to carry a general comprehensive liability insurance policy for the duration of their tenancy, with
    1. Lawrence and Cooper Inc named as Additional Insured.
    2. Limits of $1,000,000 for each incident of accident or injury
  9. While not required, it is recommended that each tenant also procure renters insurance to protect the contents of their studio.
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